The essential of Basque Country

List of sites to visit


Bishops’ Prison


Now a museum, this former 18th century prison opens the doors on former cells and a vast medieval vaulted hall. Take the time to visit the permanent exhibition relating to the pilgrimage of Saint Jacques de Compostelle.


Lighthouse Of Biarritz


Located on a rocky cliffat Pointe Saint-Martin, the Biarritz lighthouse offers an outstanding view over Biarritz and the surrounding coastline, from atop its 73 metres and 248 steps.


Saraleguinea Museum


A museum housed in a superb neo-Basque villa from the 1950s. The exhibits include collections of sculptures by G.C. de Swiecinski, contemporary art exhibitions, as well as a room dedicated to the Roman remains found in the local area.


Basque Pelote and Xistera Pilotari Museum


Anywhere there are Basques, there is also pelota! The origins of xistera, and the secrets behind the making of a pelota will be revealed to you in this museum which is dedicated to the main sport of the Basque Country.


The Imperial Chapel


Built in 1865, this charming chapel was created for Eugénie de Montijo to worship, by Napoleon III. It presents a harmonious collection of refined styles which combine Byzantine-Roman and Hispano-Moorish art.


Fortified Castle of Mauleon


Standing proudly on a hill with a panoramic view of the Pyrenees, the fortified castle of Mauléonopens its doors and its dungeons to visitors! Don’t miss out on the scenography which recounts the castle’s turbulent history.