The essential of Basque Country

List of sites to visit

Museum, interpretive center / Free entry

The Basque Museum


The museum includes more than 2000 objects and works of art in an exceptional collection focusing on the Basque Country and the history of Bayonne, a fusion of Basque, Gascony and Jewish cultures.

Heritage site / Guided tour

Urtubie Castle


The Château d’Urtubie has belonged to the same family since 1341 and has witnessed 6 centuries of history in the Basque Country. Visit of the castle and grounds and an exhibition on the health-giving properties of local plants.

Heritage site / Guided tour

The Castle of the Dukes of Gramont


A journey through 6 centuries of history relating to the Duke of Gramont family in this magnificent castle, which has recently been restored. The 15th century fortified tower offers a unique 360° panorama over the Bidouze valley and the Pyrenees M...

Heritage site

Hôpital-Saint-Blaise Church


A Unesco world heritage site, the Hôpital-Saint-Blaise church presents a surprising cocktail of half-Romanesque, half-Moorish architectural styles! Visits with audio commentary and sound and lightshows.

Heritage site / Guided tour

Andurain Castle


An attractive residential 17th century listed historical monument. Inside, visitors can view ornate sculpted fireplaces, a library of old books and timbers in the shape of an upside-down ship’s hull.

Guided tour

Bayonne Tourist Office : guided tour


Bayonne reveals its secrets during these fascinating guided tours: behind the scenes at the Cathedral, dusk night tours, on the ramparts, in privately-owned residences, or encountering chocolate manufacturers.